Oracle Hyperion DRM Case Study | National Australia Bank

While this is not a Seismi case study we wanted to bring it to your attention as it illustrates the power and adaptability of Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Manager (DRM) to solve business issues, and the return on investment (ROI) it can deliver.

As you will see the challenges that National Australia Bank were facing prior to implementing Oracle Hyperion DRM were principally around: ensuring data integrity; data governance; accurate and consistent reporting; as well as upgrading a legacy masterdata management tool. Not dissimilar to Seismi’s experiences!

National Australia Bank implemented Oracle Hyperion DRM to control and govern masterdata in 34 underlying finance and operational applications. They also implemented Oracle’s Hyperion Financial Management consolidation tool. Data quality was improved from 90% to 99% accuracy. The accuracy of Regulatory reporting was guaranteed and management’s confidence in reporting was enhanced given the single accurate view of finance master data. They were delighted by the 200% ROI that the project delivered.

Prior to the project National Australia Bank evaluated a number of masterdata management product but only Oracle Hyperion DRM provided all the capabilities they required. After the implementation David Gray, asset owner master data, finance asset & operations, National Australia Bank gave a ringing endorsement “It would have to be the best software product I have encountered―everything it says it can do, it does, and does well”.

If you are having challenges with your masterdata governance we would recommend reading the case study and please do get in touch to discuss some of the business challenges and problems that Oracle Hyperion DRM can resolve.

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