Issue with remove level validations in Oracle Hyperion DRM

We recently encountered a small problem with the “remove validations” functionality in Oracle Hyperion DRM (Data Relationship Manager). As the screenshot below shows, we had set up a validation to prevent the deletion of certain nodes.

This is an important issue as most finance applications need to be assured that no nodes can be deleted to ensure no historical data is deleted. Disappointingly, when we assigned this validation to a hierarchy, it was ignored.

This problem affects release of Oracle Hyperion DRM and is fixed in the latest release ( Fortunately, for clients still on the earlier release, Oracle has provided a workaround. As the screenshot below shows this is simply to define the validation as both real time and batch:

Once assigned to a hierarchy as both a real time and batch validation, it successfully prevented nodes from being deleted.   This is only a small bug, but it could have had a wide impact.  We hope you have found this useful and we’ll be back next week!


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