Master Data Management - Process Review

Seismi is offering a complimentary* review of your financial master data processes. This review is conducted by experienced master data professionals, requires a half day workshop with key personnel and will identify the risks, issues and opportunities for improvement with your current approach. This offer expires in December 2014 May 2015.
  • Do you have an overworked central team struggling to react to business changes?
  • Do you have a complex month end close and reporting process?
  • Is there manual intervention in the interfaces between key financial systems?
  • Does your team manually reconcile reported numbers?
  • Do you have minimal control over core reference data such as general ledger, consolidation, planning and reporting structures?

What Happens?

  • Preparation – Agree scope, requirements, participants, meeting agendas and milestones.
  • Understand – Current approach to masterdata and any associated pain points;
  • Identify – potential enhancements;
  • Document – potential risks or issues with the current implementation;
  • Identify – opportunities for improvement to ensure a strategic approach to financial masterdata.

Who takes part?

  • Business Management – Identify current data and masterdata processes
  • Finance Systems Manager – Understand day to day usage and any existing pain points
  • System Administrators – Define day to day administration tasks and any existing pain points.

What is delivered?

  • Report – Submit master data process review document compiling risks, issues and enhancement opportunities
  • Discuss – Final meeting with management to review and discuss outcome.


Seismi Clients_Blog_Sidebar_RBS“The knowledge and expertise that Seismi provided has helped us to understand the risks and issues with our current process”
Head Finance Design & Architecture, RBS


If you would like to take advantage of this offer then please do not hesitate to contact us

* Complimentary offer available to all mainland UK companies. For companies outside mainland UK, travel and expenses would be chargeable.

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