Module Wheel

Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Manager (DRM) provides an organisation with a platform from which a comprehensive set of applications can be built to meet an organisation’s various financial reporting needs. Oracle Hyperion DRM has enabled Seismi’s clients to move from a disparate set of applications that all require reconciliation, manual intervention and adjustments to an automatic, robust but flexible solution that meets their numerous financial reporting requirements.

The ability to directly control their ERP application has given them the ability to progressively implement a set of financial applications all conforming to agreed standards. Examples of some of the applications and functionality that we have delivered and developed are presented in the image of Seismi’s Module Wheel below.

Chart of Accounts Layer

This module enables the business to view and / or control your ERP’s financial metadata in Oracle Hyperion DRM.

Standardisation Layer

This is the “engine room” of the solution. It allows the business to map your ERP to other applications and generate standard reports for your reporting requirements.

ERP Metadata Extraction Module

This tool allows information from your ERP to be extracted and loaded into Oracle Hyperion DRM application.

ERP Metadata Governance Module

This module replaces ERP Metadata Extraction Module and allows the business to make changes in Oracle Hyperion DRM and load these changes into your ERP.

Variance Analysis Tool

This module allows the definitions for complex and sophisticated variance reports to be stored in Oracle Hyperion DRM and fed to the relevant reporting applications.

ERP Load to Budget

This module enables actual data to be loaded directly into clients’ budgeting applications.

Budgeting Tool

The information stored in Oracle Hyperion DRM can be extracted and fed into a budgeting module conforming with your Chart of Accounts.

Relational Reporting Solution

Reporting definitions are stored in Oracle Hyperion DRM and mapped to the standardisation layer. These reports can display financial and non-financial data and KPIs and be fed to your reporting application.

Budget Load to ERP

This module enables budgets calculated in other planning and budgeting applications to be automatically and seamlessly uploaded into your ERP.

Load to Consolidation Tool

This module enables data from your ERP to be fed directly into your consolidation application, such as Hyperion Financial Management.

Analytical Reporting Tool

The data stored in Oracle Hyperion DRM can be easily extracted and used to generate a reporting tool that allows the business to report on information stored in your ERP in multiple formats.

Planning Tool

This module enables your planning applications to be governed and controlled by using Oracle Hyperion DRM application.

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