Oracle DRM Technical Issue | Node Lookup

One of our analysts has spent some time looking into a small issue that was making the life of some business users difficult. The issue concerns the “Find” functionality in properties type “Node” in Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Manager (DRM) version

Context and configuration: The Oracle Hyperion DRM instance we were working on contained two hierarchies: a source hierarchy and a target hierarchy. Nodes in the source hierarchy could be associated to nodes in the target hierarchy through a mapping property. The property was configured with the type “Node”. Both hierarchies were configured to display nodes using the Name and Description.

Issue: Users would go to a specific node in the source hierarchy to define a value for the mapping property. In the “Select Node” pop-up they would try finding the node they are looking for by typing the name of the node. DRM would always return the message “Specified node not found” even if the node exists and is clearly visible.











Cause: The DRM Find is not querying the node name but the string displayed. The string displayed is the concatenation of the name and the description.

Workaround: The best workaround is to use the wildcard %. So instead of searching for the name alone, search for the concatenation of the node name and %.













We hope that you will find this helpful. We have alerted Oracle’s development team of this potential issue or bug. Please do reach out to Seismi’s technical team if you want to investigate any technical issues.

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