Design Principles

Seismi’s consultants are measured by their ability to produce well-thought out solutions that meet our clients’ requirements. They will use their exposure to similar implementations to guide you to a long term strategic solution that will adapt as your overarching operational strategy evolves. Any implementation will be rigorously tested to ensure the conform to our best practice principles.

  • Robust & Secure

    We see it is imperative that your critical financial systems have the highest level of fault tolerance incorporated into their design principles. Seismi consider not only maximising uptime and eliminating points of failure, but also a full backup strategy that captures not only the data and metadata but also different versions of the application, so that if necessary we can revert to previous version.

  • Flexible & Scalable

    Seismi understand the necessity to deliver flexible and scalable solutions that will support your constantly evolving business strategy. Our approach to development will provide you with the flexibility that will adapt to the inevitable reorganisations your business undergo, as well as mergers or acquisitions that become part of your growth plans. Seismi’s team do this by using tools and an approach that adapt to change.

  • Auditable & Automated

    We undestand that you need to have absolute confidence in the numbers you report to your stakeholders. Historically these numbers have been the result of a complex set of transformations from your transaction systems into your consolidation and reporting solutions. Seismi deliver automated solutions that provide an audit path from the reported values to the underlying transactions.

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