Seismi provide innovative masterdata solutions across the full finance process including: centralized and standardized views of core financial masterdata; multi-vendor financial systems governance and integration; masterdata enabled reporting solutions; optimised budgeting, reporting and consolidation processes; and chart of accounts design and conversion solutions.

  • Masterdata benefits

    Every organization is different and has a unique set of masterdata requirements. However the measurable benefits that a coordinated approach to masterdata provides are universal and range from increased productivity and improved quality of data, to cost reduction and optimized systems integration. Masterdata governance changes the role of the finance function, away from manual data manipulation, report creation, reconciling and trouble shooting, to leading the business through proactive analysis.


    The most successful ERP (general ledger) and EPM (budgeting, reporting & consolidation) implementations depend on solid foundations. These foundations are out of sight of most normal business users but are critical. Seismi’s analysts have a deep understanding of the masterdata governance, data migration, and technical infrastructure challenges. We will work with you to deliver a scalable, flexible and robust infrastructure to support your project.

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    Seismi’s approach to masterdata governance and integration allows us to rapidly deliver comprehensive analytical reporting solutions. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge across multiple vendors of OLAP, BI, budgeting and consolidation applications. Seismi has the skills and experience to optimise your existing EPM processes based on your investment in masterdata governance.

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  • Chart Design
    & Conversion

    Our consultants understand the challenges of masterdata governance across the full range of financial applications (general ledger (ERP), reporting, budgeting and consolidation applications (EPM)). Seismi’s comprehensive skill and experience allows us to work with you to define your new chart of accounts, prepare for conversion and limit the impact on your EPM solutions.

    Our functional analysts use Seismi’s proprietary business modelling approach to identify, understand and document your business processes in a manner that is concise, secure and easy to understand. Our approach provides a secure, versioned modelling environment, supported by analytical reporting that allows your project team to understand the difference between the new and old versions of your chart.

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