Chart Design & Conversion

Our experienced team of analysts will use Seismi’s proprietary business modelling approach to identify, understand and document your business processes. The business modelling application is robust, scalable and flexible. Most importantly it enables us to quickly assess, report and make recommendations on your requirements. You will find our approach easy to understand, concise, easily backed up and not prone to the issues that spreadsheet based processes consistently endure.

  • Approach

    We provide knowledgable business analysts with a proven approach, supported by a strong technical team. This approach leverages proven technologies and allows Seismi to maximise the use of your own resources to understand your organisation. This partnership approach enables a strong team of multiple specialists to undertake the complex and iterative process that is required to capture an accurate depiction of your business model.

  • Business Rules

    We are cognizant that successful business modelling relies on defining the key rules that underpin your financial practices and processes early in the project life cycle so as to minimise the chance of rework and additional cost. Seismi will work closely with your finance team to assess, understand and document your accounting policies to minimise the chance of change requests during the project.

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  • Logical Modelling

    Seismi use logical modelling to understand and accurately distil your core business requirements into a form that is easily understood by your finance team. Having a detailed understanding of your accounting process and practices as well as working closely with your skilled finance team allows our business analysts to create a detailed and logical model of your organisation as well as your reporting requirements.

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  • Technical Implementation

    We recognise that we need to ensure that while the business model represents a logical view of your organisation, it will work within the confines of your systems landscape. Seismi’s technical analysts and system architects will work with your business team to create a physical design that closely fits your business model. This physical model will be aligned to operate within your existing financial systems landscape.

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