Business Rules

  • Approach

    Seismi’s team approach the definition of business rules in two parallels streams. The first is from a management reporting perspective: business unit structure; cost centre recharges; divisional recharges; and product costing. The second is from a financial reporting perspective: entity structures; inter-company charges; inventory valuation; and depreciation policy.

  • Management Reporting

    We focus on your management reporting requirements so that we have a granular understanding of your required business unit structure as well as the related cost centre structure and product costing approach. If you require any business unit & cost centre recharges Seismi will work closely with your team to define the correct methodology.

  • Financial Reporting

    Seismi focus on your finanical reporting requirements in order to understand your legal entity structure requirements, your inventory valuation and depreciation methodologies as well as so that a robust & legally defensible intercompany recharges approach can be defined.

  • Scenario

    We consider all aspects of the solution from both an actuals (ERP) and planning perspective. Seismi’s team’s experience of building integrated solutions allows us to effectively identify & define the business rules which are key to the successful integration of an integrated business process model.

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