Logical Modelling

  • Approach

    We see business modelling is the key process of understanding and distilling your core business requirements into a form that is easily understood by your finance team. Using the accounting process and practices that have been agreed with your skilled staff, Seismi’s business analyst work with your team to create a detail logical model of your organisation.

  • Understanding Complexity

    Our business analysts, who are supported by a strong technical team, use a proven approach to undertake the business modelling which is a complex and iterative process that requires input from many individuals with different business skills. This approach leverages proven technologies and allows Seismi to maximise the use of your resources to understand your organisation.

  • Process Diagrams

    Our analysts will start by creating process flow diagrams to present your business processes in a visual but easily understood format. These diagrams allow Seismi’s analysts to accurately depict your organisation and act as a discussion point for all the key stakeholders. When complete, having been agreed with your team, these diagrams act as a framework from which to start the logical modelling process.

  • Reporting Requirements

    Seismi believe that it is fundamental that at the outset your organisation’s reporting requirements are clearly defined in parallel to the process flow diagrams as they have to be delivered from you logical model. These reporting requirements need to be comprehensive and should include the following budget and actual data: financial; non-financial; key performance indicators; regulatory; statutory; and management requirements.

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