Technical Implementation

A business model represents a logical view of your organisation but it is important that it will work within your existing systems landscape. Seismi’s technical analysts will work with your business team to create a physical design for the business model, which will be aligned to operate within your financial systems landscape.

  • Approach

    Seismi’s analysts have a broad range of experience implementing wide-ranging Enterprise Performance Management solutions. This allows them to fully consider the practical considerations of converting a logical business model into a physical model that can be deployed within your existing systems landscape. We give careful consideration to how the business model should be aligned to your planning, consolidation and reporting needs.

  • Chart of Accounts

    Seismi’s approach to business modelling allows the efficient generation of a standardised Chart of Accounts. Using our proprietary tool set, which encompasses modelling and reporting software, allows your project team to report on standardised financial statements in parallel to your existing reporting, prior to actual conversion. This gives senior management the confidence that the new Chart of Account is fit for purpose prior to deploying the solution.

  • Reports

    Seismi’s approach will align your varied reporting requirements to your business model, and any other reporting requirements you may have, such as to regulators. These requirements are stored in a central area and distributed to those applications that need them. The solution supports financial and non-financial reporting; as well as calculating key performance indicators consistently. They can also be fed to OLAP (online analytical processing) or relational reporting tools.

  • Budgeting & Forecasting

    Seismi’s analysts understand the challenges of implementing planning solutions and the need for absolute alignment between them and your month end close process. We will provide you with the tools to ensure that these solutions remain aligned after the project has been delivered. Seismi’s team give careful consideration to all of your requirements during the technical implementation so that you are left with a robust, scalable, flexible and efficient architecture after our solution is deployed.

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