Governance & Integration

  • Approach

    We see the preparation phase of any EPM project as an essential building block to its success. Seismi’s technical analysts are highly experienced at understanding the challenges relating to data migration, governance and technical infrastructure. They will work closely with your project team to ensure that your EPM solution is not only underpinned by a robust infrastructure but is also scalable and flexible.

  • Control and Governance

    Seismi understand that one of the major challenges for an EPM implementation is maintaining the relationships between seperate, but inter-dependent applications. Data needs to be transferred between these applications and often the structures are very different. We will help you understand, organise and centralise these different structures and their inter-dependencies. Using industry standard tools Seismi can implement business rules to ensure that your applications and interfaces remain aligned.

  • Integration

    Seismi believe that a successful EPM deployment is dependent on being able to transfer data between applications in an automated, efficient and robust manner, while maintaining data integrity. Your objective is to improve your financial reporting cycles, minimise or eliminate the failure points in your processes and maximise your ability to provide a detailed audit trail for any information you report. From the outset Seismi will help you understand these challenges and will help you to implement a solution that meets these key business requirements.

  • Reporting

    We understand that accurate business data produced on demand is a key driver for the success of any organisation. Seismi will work with you to eliminate off-book adjustments, ancillary applications and redundent processes. This will allow you to focus on your strategic objectives such as running core financial and non-financial reports directly from your ERP application. This enhances the productivity of your finance team, by allowing them to spend time analysing financial data and metrics, rather than the just compiling the numbers at a high opportunity cost.

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