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Some months have passed since the release of DRM v11.1.2.1, the second version of the new web based DRM. For those who know the client based DRM (versions and previous versions), the change is quite important. The two interfaces have been completely rebuilt to include new functionality. So what has changed?

First, the DRM management console is still there. As always, it allows you to control the status of your DRM services and also to configure all your server settings. The first important modification is that you can now have multiple applications running on the same server. So you could have your Development application and your QA application running on the same server. Applications can be turned on and off independently and can be configured independently.

In this example, I only have one application called DEMODRIVE-1. This application is running on my DEMODRIVE machine as shown in the Applications tree. In this case, I am running all the layers of DRM on one machine. But this new interface allows you quickly, by selecting the application and the Host Machines tab to set up your architecture using more than one machine. Additionally, the console will allow me to see the usual logs and application statuses for each application.

When you install your server, you will see that the installation wizard no longer asks you to configure the database. The team had the very good idea to move the database creation wizard from the installation process into the Management Console.

This makes it a lot easier to create new applications and it includes a wizard to upgrade the database of an older DRM version into a database compatible with this version. The same wizard also allows you to make new copies of any existing DRM database. So you can quicky create a new copy from your production database for development purposes.

So this new management console makes the administration of DRM easier by making a lot of the settings visible but in my opinion, this new version will make the development and QA processes a lot quicker and cheaper.



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