Video | Using Masterdata Governance to overcome Business Challenges (Part 4)

This week we will building on what we saw last week where we looked at using Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Manager (DRM) to govern an ERP system – Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) but it could be any ERP suite. In addition to governing Oracle EBS, Oracle Hyperion DRM will be used to govern the Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) consolidation tool and a reporting tool (Oracle Essbase).

As you will see in the video the user interface is very intuitive and we aim to build on your understanding of the true power and potential of Oracle Hyperion DRM. We will see that we can control structures in our transactions, consolidation and reporting applications. This demonstration will also show how easy it is to implement business rules and that users, of Oracle Hyperion DRM are forced to consider the impact of their changes on all other related applications.

See you next week where we will be looking at how using an integrated Oracle Hyperion DRM template allows us to extract data out of Oracle EBS, supply it with a mapping and load it into Essbase & HFM in an automated and reliable way.


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