Enabling your migration to Oracle EPM 11.2 with DRM

If you are planning a migration to Oracle EPM 11.2, you probably already know that it includes a limited free licence for Oracle DRM. By starting your upgrade with the implementation of DRM, you can reduce the risk and cost of migrating the other applications.

DRM is not a like for like replacement of EPMA. It has multiple advantages. One of these that we are currently leveraging is that it can publish master data to EPM applications in previous versions. So, DRM 11.2 can control HFM and Planning

If you are planning a straight upgrade without redesigning applications, the cost of controlling both the old and the new app from DRM is negligible. Any work done early on to manage an application running on a previous version of the EPM platform would be required to control the new apps.

Once that is in place, the project team will have an easy way to update the 11.2 applications master data from DRM, reducing the risk of missing changes or testing on an out of date application. Administrators will also have a single point to control both legacy and new applications, reducing the cost of any parallel run.

Enabling your migration to Oracle EPM 11.2 with DRM

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