Efficiency and control through a finance systems transformation

Company overview

ICAP plc is a leading markets operator and provider of post trade risk and information services. ICAP provides a wide variety of electronic execution, risk mitigation, messaging, broking and information services for wholesale market participants. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index


The Development Manager at ICAP, described the situation before the Financial System Roadmap Master Data Project was initiated:

“ICAP had decided to initiate a comprehensive financial transformation programme for a number of reasons. We wanted to:

• consolidate our reporting tools;
• improve the end-to-end visibility of data;
• increase our ability to automate data loads between applications; and
• improve our master data management process

Our Objectives


Implement a governance solution to control Hyperion Financial anagement, Essbase, Hyperion Planning, EPMA


Facilitate integration with all financial applications


Enforce standard reporting


Ensure the solution can adapt to ever changing business needs


Ensure the application can adapt as their business continues to evolve


Improve auditing on changes to master data


Seismi delivered a Oracle DRM and EPMA solution which allowed ICAP to govern and deploy their Hyperion applications. This master data governance solution comprises four inter-related elements:

Oracle DRM: Provides single, central location where master data is maintained. Reads value sets from EBS, enriches with properties and allows additional reports and application specific structures to be created;
EPMA Interface: Master data from Oracle DRM is exported and loaded into EPMA;
EPMA Deployment: EPMA used as the standard method to deploy all Hyperion applications; and
ERPi: ERPi has been implemented to load data from EBS into two Essbase applications. This provides the ability for users to drill from data in Essbase, back the general ledger to provide complete transparency on all data reported.

Why Chose Seismi?

“Seismi have been a valued partner in our Financial Transformation Programme, consistently delivered quality solutions, on time and within the agreed budgets. Their approach to this very challenging piece of work has been very practical and professional. The solution we have delivered together has transformed our ability to adapt to organisational change and freed up expensive business and technical resource to concentrate on adding value.

We look forward to continuing working with Seismi over the next phase of our transformation programme.”

Development Manager

“Seismi have transformed our ability to adapt to organisational change. As partners in our programme Seismi have consistently delivered quality solutions, on time and within budget”

Development Manager
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