Federating finance systems ownership across a diverse systems landscape

Company overview

ICAP plc is a leading markets operator and provider of post trade risk and information services. ICAP is an integral part of the global financial system, providing electronic execution, broking, risk mitigation, messaging and information services to wholesale market participants. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

ICAP plc is headquartered in London, United Kingdom and has a strong global presence in all major financial centres – with a local footprint in 32 countries and more than 70 locations worldwide.

ICAP are an extensive user of the Oracle Product set using Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Oracle Planning, Oracle Profitability and Cost management (HPCM), alongside Oracle FDM and ERPI, to manage financial data.


ICAP were in the final stage of a financial systems transformation programme. Seismi had successfully implemented Oracle DRM to control ICAP’s key financial master data. Having proved the master data strategy, Seismi were engaged to expand the systems in scope, to implement Oracle DRG to federate control of ICAP’s master data to a global user base and to use Oracle DRM to control the release of changes to our pre-production and production environments.

Our Objectives


Use Oracle DRM to actively govern Oracle EBS, HFM, Essbase, Planning and HPCM via EPMA


Document ICAP’s required workflow process


Implement workflows in Hyperion DRG to support ICAP’s governance process


Transfer knowledge to ensure ICAP internal resources can enhance, adapt or create new DRG workflows


Optimise the release of tested masterdata to pre-production and production environment


ICAP used Oracle DRG to augment their existing instance of Oracle DRM. This project was design to empower their master data owners to take ownership of their core business hierarchies:

  • Optimise Master Data Processes: Analyse, design and optimize the ICAP master data governance process
  • Control General Ledger: centralise and standardise control of Oracle EBS value sets in Oracle DRM
  • Control Mappings: Use Oracle DRM to actively the relationship between Oracle EBS and Hyperion Financial Management
  • Educate: Ensure ICAP users had the knowledge to implement further workflows and enhance existing ones. Educate the users in the art of continuous improvement to ensure work flows can continue to adapt after the project delivers
  • Pre-production Environment: Implement a shadow production environment in which all master data changes can be loaded, and data checked, prior to release into the production

Why Chose Seismi?

As the first implementation of DRG in the UK, ICAP has worked closely with the Oracle DRM development team to enforce best practice and to ensure the product meets our requirements. The tool has allowed us to federate control of core financial master data from our central finance team to our business users around the world. These users can now request changes to our financial master data within a carefully designed and controlled process. All changes are fully audited and follow a pre-defined approval process. Thanks to a diligent knowledge transfer process, our internal resources have the skills to enhance, adapt or create new workflows.

Hyperion DRG, coupled with Hyperion DRM, has enabled us to control the release of master data changes to our production environment. We can test the impact of our master data changes on numbers in our pre-production environment to ensure they have the required effect. We can then release these changes using a controlled and automated process to our production environment.

Seismi have again delivered on time and to budget. This project has given us effective and robust control over our financial master data. The result: empowered master data owners driving a controlled and automated process across our financial applications suite”.

CFO Global Business Services

“Partnered with Seismi, this project has given us effective and robust control over our masterdata. The result: empowered master data owners driving a controlled & automated process”

CFO Global Business Services
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