Oracle Financial Data Management, Enterprise Edition (FDMEE)

FDMEE is the Oracle's prefered data integration tool for the on-premise Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications such as Hyperion Financial Management and Hyperion Planning.

FDMEE is a robust data integration tool designed specifically for financial data. Some of it's key features are:

  1. Data Integrity - Perhaps a key differentiator to other integration tool is FDMEE's inbuilt focus on maintaining the integrity of data as a whole. If one record within a data set has a mapping issue, the whole data set is halted to avoid partial data being loaded to target applications.
  2. Auditability - FDMEE is designed to hold strong records of data coming in and out.
  3. Clear mappings - FDMEE holds mappings in a format understandable by business users who wish to trace back their data to the source.
  4. Flexibility - Through a variety of out of the box tools and also custom scripts, FDMEE can be configured to deal with a wide variety of scenarios.
  5. Connectivity - FDMEE is shipped with a variety of out of the box connectors for standard financial applications to make configuring the integrations as easy as possible.

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