Seismi support our clients through the full project lifecycle. From business analysis, strategy, implementation, training and change management to ongoing support we have a proven track record of delivering excellence.

The following are our main services :

EPM Solution Architecture

Translating strategies into plans, monitoring execution, and driving financial and operational performance, requires an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution tailored for organisations specific needs. Isolated Business Intelligence (BI) or disparate finance systems simply don’t provide the accurate and timely information needed to effectively drive better business decisions, comply with regulations and to gain the competitive advantage.

At Seismi we believe in designing truly integrated financial solutions which are underpinned by the effective management of core financial structures. Whether it is GL accounts, cost centres or mappings, our approach to the effective management of this important masterdata, coupled with effective systems integration, creates a great foundation from where we can effectively deploy EPM applications. Our approach to EPM architecture drives process efficiency, ensures data transparency and reduces potential failure points during critical periods. Other tangible benefits achieved are deployment synergy and cost reduction compared to isolated product implementations with no strategic ‘EPM’ blueprint.

Our business analysts are adept at balancing the short term needs of an organisation with their long term strategy, to ensure we deliver real business benefit at regular intervals.
Our technical consultants have been responsible for the delivery of quality EPM solutions for some of the world’s leading companies. Their in-depth product knowledge of the Oracle-Hyperion EPM suite coupled with real-world business experience enables us to apply best practice approaches to delivering integrated EPM and transactional reporting solutions that will adapt to your business needs.

Governance & Integration

One of the major challenges for an EPM implementation is maintaining the relationships between separate, but inter-dependent applications. Data needs to be transferred between these financial applications and the core business structures in these applications can be very different.

Our highly skilled team of analysts will help our clients understand, organise, centralise and, where possible, standardise, these different structures and their inter-dependencies. Using industry standard tools Seismi can implement business rules to ensure that your applications and interfaces remain aligned.

We appreciate that accurate business data produced on demand is a key driver for the success of an EPM solution. Our analysts will go the extra mile to work closely with our clients to help eliminate off-book adjustments, ancillary applications and redundant processes, to improve and streamline the financial close process.

Seismi have developed packaged masterdata solutions for the industry leading ERP & EPM applications. These solutions contain the necessary Oracle DRM objects preconfigured and tested, which enables rapid deployment and reduces the risks associated with an implementation.

Seismi’s comprehensive integrated solution provides the ability to transfer data between applications in an automated, efficient and robust manner, while maintaining data integrity and transparency.

Chart Design & Conversion

As a recognised specialist in financial masterdata governance, our expertise enables us to assist our clients defining new chart of accounts, preparing for conversion or modelling the impact of changes on their EPM solutions and reports.

Our experienced team of analysts use Seismi’s proprietary business modelling approach to identify, understand and document the financial and business processes. Our business modelling application ensures they can simulate the results of converting prior to any conversion taking place, thereby allowing the efficient generation of a standardised Chart of Accounts.

Our business modelling application, which encompasses modelling and reporting software, allows our clients’ project team to report on standardised financial statements in parallel to their existing reporting, prior to actual conversion. This gives senior management the confidence that the new Chart of Account is fit for purpose prior to deploying the solution.

Financial Consolidation & Reporting

For many global organisations it’s a challenge to manage the financial close process, with pressure to improve the consolidation and reporting process, reduce internal control risks and ultimately reduce the cost of compliance. Dynamic organisations require a consolidation system which easily accommodates new acquisitions and disposals, provides flexibility to adapt to changing reporting needs and yet ensures reliable source-to-report data integrity and transparency.

Fortunately at Seismi, our subject matter experts have the depth of experience to address the typical challenges of disparate source systems, multi-GAAP and multi-currency consolidations, complex intercompany and ownership structures, automation of regular consolidation journals, and producing automated cash flow reporting.

All our EPM solutions are founded on our governance and integration expertise, to ensure seamless data interfaces and importantly consistency across our clients’ financial reporting systems. No matter the size or complexity of an organisations business, our approach improves process efficiency, ensures data transparency and reduces potential failure points during critical periods.

Our financial consolidation and reporting solutions ensure leading practises are incorporated with best in-class applications which provide high functionality, usability, stability and performance.

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

The Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting (PBF) cycle is a critical success differentiator for many organisations. However, PBF is a time intensive, and iterative process that usually takes months to complete, and relies on the efficient interaction of disparate processes, data sets and users across an organisation. Any inefficiencies in such a process can have wide reaching consequences, including missed deadlines and inaccurate data.

Seismi’s subject matter experts have the depth of experience to address these typical challenges in the PBF process. With our experience in EPM solution architecture, managing financial masterdata and data integration skills we are ideally positioned to deliver PBF solutions that are designed specifically to form a robust and integrated link in your finance process.

Our solutions range from driver based budgets to complex scenario modelling and rolling forecasts, including full process automation to effectively manage the budget cycle from end-to-end.




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